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About Asbury Day Care

Mission Statement

Asbury Day Care Center, a NAEYC-accredited not-for-profit center, partnering with families, AFUMC and the community, encourages educational and developmental growth for children with a warm, loving, creative approach. We enrich the lives of children with multi-cultural and diverse socio-economic backgrounds by focusing on the individual needs of each child. We strive for excellence through innovative early childhood learning experiences.


The Center was opened in 1972 to provide a warm, caring environment for children and to support the family. The childcare environment supplements the family’s care and education of its children through careful attention to program and active encouragement of family partnership
and communication.

In order to provide this quality of service to our children and parents, the Center works toward several specific goals. First, the Center provides a planned program, encouraging growth in all areas. To do this, the program is designed to meet both the developmental needs of children at each age level as well as to be responsive to the unique patterns of growth of the individual child. The teaching staff engage in on-going assessment of each child’s individual development and plan and implement appropriate activities in the classroom to support continued growth.

Teachers and staff at the Center work toward creating an atmosphere of acceptance and respect for the children. Children are encouraged to express their feelings in effective ways. They learn to trust that their wishes and needs will be recognized while coming to understand how they have an impact on others. Our goal is to support children in feeling confident about themselves and competent in their relationships with others.

Asbury Day Care Center

1040 East Avenue, 14607
(585) 461-2920